The most advanced vision care facility in Western Canada

The Southern Alberta Eye Center is a “state of the art” Ambulatory Surgical Center and a multi-disciplinary facility that provides ophthalmology care in Southern Alberta. Within the offices of SAEC eye care services provided include: consultations, diagnostic testing, treatment, outpatient surgery and aftercare.

  • Cataract Surgery

    Removal of cataracts is a safe and painless procedure that can be performed on an out-patient basis. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced surgical technologies for cataract removal.

  • Glaucoma Treatment

    Our facility provides treatment and surgical care including medical treatment, laser therapies, and surgical procedures for all forms of glaucoma, whether primary or related to complex eye problems.

  • Oncology

    Ocular oncologists at the Southern Alberta Eye Center are specialized in tumours related to the eye and its surrounding structures. Eye cancer can affect all parts of the eye.

  • Retina Surgery

    Retina Surgery

    The Southern Alberta Eye Center has vitreoretinal surgical specialists on-site to treat the full range of retinal conditions and diseases. Our physicians are among the most experienced retinal surgeons in the province.

  • Oculoplastics


    Oculoplastic specialists at the Southern Alberta Eye Center are available to provide patients with safe and effective reconstructive, medical, and cosmetic oculoplastic surgery.

  • Eye Exams

    Eye Exams

    SAEC Diagnostic can screening for all major eye conditions and diseases including, but not limited to, retinal conditions, cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, amblyopia, and ocular oncology.